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How to choose the correct type of rotary hydraulic motor

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How to choose the correct type of rotary hydraulic motor

How to choose the correct type of rotary hydraulic motor

At present, the working pressure level of hydraulic motor in China is divided into 16.20.25mpa. How to choose a more suitable model for server working condition effectively?

First consideration should be given to improve the transmission efficiency and transmission efficiency of small, structure of hydraulic motor speed ratio is low, the operation condition of the torque is big, the damage efficiency of transmission capacity is the total efficiency of primary elements, the transmission efficiency of the same hydraulic control valve, reduce the working pressure system software can improve volumetric efficiency, so this time should be selected with the working pressure ratings for 16 mpa, When the transmission output power is smaller, the lower the speed ratio is, the lower the working pressure of hydraulic motor system is more beneficial. On the contrary, the transmission output power is large, the speed is relatively high, then the primary element of the harm to the total efficiency of the transmission is the efficiency of mechanical equipment, so the rated working pressure should be 20 or 25Mpa at this time. Second, in the case of low speed gear reliability regulation, we should pay attention to the model selection of the hydraulic motor, the larger the displacement, the better the reliability of low speed gear, it is also related to the working pressure, the lower the working pressure, the better the reliability of low speed gear. There are many different hydraulic motors with the same displacement, how to choose an effective model? The application condition and use terms related, in view of the blade gap in the short term operation of the hydraulic motor working condition, can use the base model of the smaller model, according to the daily total running time is long, life is long machinery and equipment, should try to use base type serial number big models, when necessary, the selection of high pressure model. In the lower working pressure standard application, then can significantly improve the service life, because the service life of the hydraulic motor and the working pressure is 3.3 ^ 3 inverse proportion, that is, the application of working pressure reduced by half, the service life can be improved 10 times.

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