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How to reduce the loss of high torque hydraulic motor in the application process

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How to reduce the loss of high torque hydraulic motor in the application process

How to reduce the loss of high torque hydraulic motor in the application process

Initially, the output power loss should be reduced gradually from the inside, in addition to reducing the pressure loss within the system software. To deal with this problem, we can improve the pressure loss of the internal flow channel of electronic components, adopt integrated control of radial piston hydraulic motor circuit and calcined flow channel. In addition, the one-way throttle valve loss of the system software is also reduced or cleared as far as possible, and the total flow of the non-safety performance must be reduced as far as possible, to prevent the use of one-way throttle valve system software to control the total flow and pressure.

In the use of raw materials, we can use materials and new rubber and plastic products manufactured by professional capacity under negative working pressure, so as to reasonably reduce friction loss. Immediately maintain the hydraulic motor, avoid environmental pollution to the motor application time limit and stability damage, as far as possible to develop the design of pollution monitoring, to carry out automatic automatic control system of environmental pollution, hydraulic rotary motor to adjust immediately, do not allow out of date, to avoid the loss caused by the solution is not immediately.

Removal of natural hydraulic motors is also important. Hydraulic motors in the release of delivery before use generally need to be removed according to the removal effect is also to remove residual air pollution compounds in the motor. Metal material composite material shavings. Synthetic fiber chemicals. Transformer coils, for example, can cause a number of problems in the first two hours of operation, if not complete damage to the motor. Therefore, the main oil channel of the motor should be cleared according to the following process:

1. Use an easy-to-dry cleaning organic chemical aqueous solution to remove the oil tank of the car, and then use the electric hydraulic motor to remove the sediment of the organic chemical aqueous solution with excessive gas.

2. Clear all the pipes of the motor, and prepreg the pipes and connecting heads as far as possible under some conditions.

3. In the pipeline with oil filter, to repair and maintain the valve to the pipeline and pressure pipeline.

4. Place a clean plate on the collector to replace precision machined valves, such as electro-hydraulic servo valves.

5. Check whether all pipeline models and specifications are suitable and whether the connection is moderate.

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