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How to repair and maintain large torque hydraulic motor internal leakage

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How to repair and maintain large torque hydraulic motor internal leakage

Hydraulic transmission system machine equipment system software has the advantages of small size, light net weight, large specific power, smooth operation, can be stepless transmission, etc., in all kinds of lifting machinery is widely used. However, the high transmission efficiency of hydraulic transmission system is lower than that of other transmission system software, which is easy to cause common problems and difficult to analyze and eliminate common faults. Therefore, maintenance workers are required to have a certain degree of basic knowledge of hydraulic press system software.

A2FE series hydraulic motor engineering machinery hydraulic press system software leakage key has two kinds, CA50 series hydraulic motor fixed sealing leakage and fitness sealing leakage, fixed sealing leakage key parts including cylinder bottom, pneumatic press each three-way joint, etc., The key sealing parts include cylinder piston rod parts, multi-way valve high-pressure gate valve and so on. Hydraulic oil leakage can also be divided into external leakage and internal leakage. The key to the external leakage is the leakage of hydraulic oil from the system software to the geographical environment. Internal leakage refers to the injection of hydraulic oil from the high pressure side of the system software into the low pressure due to differential pressure on the high and low pressure side and hydraulic seal failure.

All hydraulic transmission systems and hermetically sealed prefabricated components are designed to meet the requirements of precision grade, surface finish, surface gloss and standard tolerances. If the entire process of manufacturing exceeds the schedule difference, for example: Hydraulic system of hydraulic cylinder and a half, sealing groove deep or wide, sealing ring of the hole size error or loss caused by production difficulties, itself has a burr or have hollow points, such as stainless steel plate broke, hydraulic seals will appear deformation, scratches, dragged, or press any condition caused the loss of sealing effect.

The hydraulic transmission system should be prevented from violent operation in the assembly process, if too much force will lead to deformation of parts, especially with aluminum rod beating engine oil sump, sealing flange, etc.; Carefully before installation processing parts, hydraulic transmission components to be installed when dip in small hydraulic oil, gently into, remove XWM1 series hydraulic motor application in diesel engine, especially the sealing ring, dust ring, o-ring rubber materials such as electronics, if use petrol to make it easy to embrittlement original plasticity, thus missing sealing effect.

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