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Oil motor maintenance and daily maintenance, there are high torque hydraulic motor

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Oil motor maintenance and daily maintenance, there are high torque hydraulic motor

Maintenance and daily maintenance of oil motor in hydraulic system:

Seal check and maintenance, in view of's beak check lip seals should be the key for scar and the damage condition, and on domestic hydraulic motor sealing should be key to check surface wear rate, then figure out whether seals can be used, but also need to check the piston rod and the piston rod a static seal ring have the task of condition. Once found that the seals and guiding support ring have shortcomings, should be based on the structural form of the hydraulic system seals to be repaired, the same structural form and suitable for raw material seals to carry out the dismantling, so as to limit the thickness of the oil slick between the seals and the sealing surface, reduce the leakage of the seals.

Cylinder liner inspection and maintenance of the inner surface of the hydraulic system cylinder liner and the sealing of the piston rod is the primary factor causing the leakage of the hydraulic system, if the longitudinal pull mark is caused in the cylinder liner, even if the cylinder sealing of the core is removed.

Inspection and maintenance of piston rod, guide sleeve piston rod and guide suites, hydraulic motor fan relative speed pair is the primary element of exposure, if the piston rod surface plating layer due to damage and fall off or cause longitudinal tensile marks, will immediately cause the invalid seals. Therefore, the key should be to check the piston rod surface roughness and personal behavior size tolerance is not to meet the technical standards, if the piston rod bending should be straightened to achieve the provisions or according to the entity to carry out mapping engineering, to quantitative hydraulic motor technology professional manufacturers to carry out production and manufacturing. If the piston rod surface coating damage, scratch, part of the fall off can be used to erase the coating, again plating surface production processing process

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