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Orbital motor, what are the advantages?

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Orbital motor, what are the advantages?

In the second half of the 1950s, oil pump motor rotors prefabricated products consisting of internal drive gear rings and matching drive gears or rotors developed initial low-gear, high-torque hydraulic press motors. The inner gear is fixed to the housing and the oil entering from the oil port promotes the rotation of the rotor around an anchor point. This kind of slow rotating rotor is derived into cycloid hydraulic motor according to the drive of the gear shaft.

cycloid hydraulic motor is a small and medium speed large torque hydraulic motor, with axial flow distribution set teeth fixed rotor pair type. The advantages are as follows:

1. Small and light in weight, its size is much smaller than other kinds of hydraulic motors with the same torque.

2, wide coverage of speed ratio, infinitely variable speed, smooth speed ratio up to 15 RPM, convenient installation layout, low project investment cost.

3, in the hydraulic transmission system can be connected to the application, also can be connected to the application.

4, rotary inertia force is small, it is very easy to start under load, positive and negative can be applied, and there is no need to shut down when switching.

Cycloid hydraulic motor is widely used in agricultural industry, aquaculture industry, metallurgy industry, lifting equipment transportation, mining, construction machinery and other rotating mechanisms.

Examples of overseas use of cycloid hydraulic motors:

1.XSM5 series hydraulic motor for agricultural industry: all kinds of combined harvester, thresher, cultivator, lawn machine, sprayer, feed mixer, ground drilling machine.

2. Aquaculture: net lifter.

3. Light industry: winding machine, loom, printing equipment, washing machine for operation.

4. Industrial grade of engineering and construction: vibration roller, cement mixer, electric sweeper.

Two, structure and functional characteristics

The rotary wheel wire hydraulic motor is composed of an outlet shaft and a flow valve. A hydraulic motor with a clamped fixed motor rotor consists of a rotary wheel wire hydraulic motor.

1. Select the inner hole and axial plane flow distribution, compact structure, high precision flow distribution;

2. Fixed rotor pair with inserted teeth, high mechanical energy, long service life of high pressure operation;

3. The motor allows series and parallel circuit application, and the oil leakage port should be connected in series application.

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