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Quality regulation of hydraulic oil and orbital motor common problems

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Quality regulation of hydraulic oil and orbital motor common problems

Quality requirements of hydraulic oil:

(l) Suitable viscosity and good viscosity temperature characteristics to ensure excellent wetting, cooling and sealing performance of hydraulic system under pressure and operating temperature variation standards.

(2) Excellent fire resistance to wear resistance of hydraulic oil, to ensure that the oil pump, oil motor, pressure regulating valve and hydraulic cylinder friction pair in high pressure, fast and harsh standards to get all normal wetting, hydraulic motor shaft reduce damage.

(3) High quality oxidation resistance stability, hydrolysis reaction stability and heat resistance, to resist gas, water and high temperature, high pressure and other elements of the harm or effect, so that it is not easy to aging mildew, increase the service life.

(4) excellent foam resistance and gas release value, in order to ensure that the foam formed under the premise of strong mixing of mechanical equipment in operation can quickly disappear; It can release the gas mixed with oil in a short period of time to complete the accurate, clever and stable transmission of negative pressure.

(5) Excellent emulsion resistance, can be quickly separated from the water mixed in the oil, to prevent Marine hydraulic motor from producing emulsified oil, resulting in rust of the metal material of the hydraulic transmission system and reduce performance indicators.

Common problems of hydraulic oil:

(1) to maintain the cleaning of the hydraulic transmission system, immediately eliminate the oil scale and metal material debris in the oil tank of the car.

(2) Carry out oil change according to the reference value of oil change. When changing oil, all components of the machine and equipment should be cleaned clean to prevent residue and other elements from mixing into the oil and harming the actual effect.

(3) When hydraulic motor manufacturers store and apply, utensils and special tools for oil must be cleaned to avoid environmental pollution of finished oil.

(4) The product oil is key for hydraulic pump of steel - steel friction pair. For other materials friction pair of hydraulic press oil pump, it is necessary to have oil pump production factory or provide oil enterprises strongly recommend this commodity is suitable for the oil pump load limit value.

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