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What is vane rotary hydraulic motor? orbital motor expert explanation

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What is vane rotary hydraulic motor? orbital motor expert explanation

Vane type rotary hydraulic motor is what:

Vane type rotary hydraulic motor, because of the pressure oil efficiency, bearing force imbalance causes the motor rotor torque. The output torque of the vane hydraulic motor is related to the displacement of the hydraulic motor and the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet oil holes of the hydraulic motor, and its speed ratio is decided by the total flow size of the hydraulic motor. Because the hydraulic motor generally provides positive and negative rotation, so the blade of the vane hydraulic motor should be placed axially. In order to make the blade root from beginning to end have pressure oil, oil pressure cavity ordinary channel should set the wheel edge of blade root hydraulic motor of this product, in order to better ensure the vane hydraulic motor in the pressure oil factory after all can run normally, make sure the top blade and coil surface in close touch, in order to ensure good sealing, and therefore should be set torque torsional spring at the blade root.

Vane type hydraulic motor is small in size, small in inertia moment, and smart in posture. It can be used in places with high commutation frequency of low pressure hydraulic motor, but the leakage is relatively large, and it is unstable when working at low speed. Therefore, the vane hydraulic motor is generally used in places with high speed ratio, small torque and dexterous posture. First of all, it is true that the force obtained by the motor of the electric grinding machine is very small, and the necessary torque is also very small, and the cost of economic development is fully considered, so there is no need to use the piston pump motor, and you can choose the blade motor and the wheel line motor. The motor is light, after all, it is also an iron knot, and the motor generally contains the installation of flannel, volume is not too small. As for the motor selection, mainly according to the speed to choose, the smaller the displacement, the smaller the volume of the pneumatic hydraulic motor.

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